Class Highlights 09-16-14

Writing Copy for the Web

The steps to writing copy for the web are as follows

  1. Research
  2. Outline
  3. Draft copy
  4. Conversion boost
  5. Revise/rearrange
  6. Test

The research portion consists of finding answers. Answers to questions such as who is buying the product? How are they buying this product and what are they using it for? An important part of the process is understanding what is unique about the product? What separates the product from the competition? What reason does the consumer have to purchase from the seller rather than another?
Research is always an important part of marketing. Understanding the market is the first step to penetration. An effective way to gather research may be through a questionnaire. In order for the questionnaire to be useful, the information must be 100% credible. See the article below for more information about improving research quality.



Domain Names

When creating a domain name or a unique identifier for a web site, generally you must decide if you would like it to be discoverable or brandable. A discoverable website is when people do not know the name of your business but people are still able to find you with search engines. A brandable website evokes interesting ideas. A good example of a brandable website is While users are generally not looking for what is complex, the web site has branded around things such as style and technology. Domain names should generally be easy to spell as well as catchy or memorable. It is also useful to make the domain easy to spell as users will need to enter this information hopefully more than once.



Conversion Boost

A conversion boost can be described as covering potential customers to actual customers. High conversion rates show effectiveness. When a customer finds a web site, the first half of the mission is accomplished. The next half would include closing the sale and gaining retention. In order to do so some elements must be present including a solid web site copy. The checkout page is important for a conversion. According to the article below, moving from a multi-step to a single-page checkout process increases conversion by as much as 21.8%. Another effective way to increase conversion is to contact consumers who have left items in their carts and offer discounts to give the consumer incentive to buy. By providing well designed forms in a narrative format, statistically conversion rates will increase according to the article. See the video below to see how conversion rates increase by using animation to guide consumers through the web site.



Search Engine Optimization

Google suggests that creating unique, accurate page titles for each page listed on the web site will increase relevancy. Google is a major player in the search engine world. Google actually has computers constantly scanning the web to find what information is present. Google suggests making good use of meta tags with content descriptions to increase search engine result listings. By including a solid description of your page, that description may be displayed in the google search result. In the marketing world supplying web designers and developers with the correct keywords and tags will better allow people to find the site through search engines. Making the site easier to navigate is also effective for search engine optimization. See the article below for more information regarding this subject of search engine optimization. Remember, interesting sites will increase recognition on their own. The more popular the page is, the more that will be recognized by search engine providers such as google.




Pricing strategies have always been important for marketers. Important things to remember about price is to always respect value over price. Consumers will perceive the value of a product based on it’s price. A premium product often times will have a premium price to emphasize the value of things such as materials and craftsmanship. It is important in marketing not to use the word cheap. Cheap is a swear word according to my marketing advisor. Price is also an important part of positioning. Some companies position on price more than any other factor. The article below talks about the price value matrix in depth. Some companies will position on matching a competitors price, others may use skimming to position the company above the rest, telling the consumers it has something special to offer. See the video below to see how sales trainer Victor Antonio describes sales conversions and positioning in a business to business sale.



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